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Install Composer with Ansible, the lean way

June 7th, 2016 by Philip Iezzi 3 min read

Every PHP developer needs Composer and as a webhosting company at Onlime GmbH, sure we had to provide Composer binary to every customer, deploying it to every webserver. But how come the recommended Composer installation for Linux/Unix/macOS is so clunky, only providing the latest composer.phar through an installer?

Sure, installers are fine, but not for a sysadmin who likes to keep things simple and fully manage his infrastructure with Ansible. Installing Composer should be nothing more than deploying the latest composer.phar, period. But the author of Composer somehow forgot to provide us a download URL for the latest stable version. (Sorry Jordi Boggiano, don't want to blame you - maybe I just overlooked it and should have asked you via DM. But writing that small Ansible playbook was still faster than looking any further.)

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Sendmail-Wrapper for PHP

March 24th, 2014 by Philip Iezzi 5 min read

Years ago I wrote about the extensive sendmail wrapper with sender throttling, a pretty simple Perl script. It reliably provided throttling of the email volume per day by the sender’s original UID (user id). It also logged the pathes of scripts that sent emails directly via sendmail (e.g. via PHP’s mail() function). The main flaw in the original sendmail wrapper was security, though. As in Linux, every executable script must be readable by the user that calls it, the throttle table in MySQL was basically open and every customer could manipulate it. Every customer could raise his own throttling limit and circumvent it.

Today, I’m publishing my new sendmail-wrapper that is going to fix all the flaws of the previous version and add some nice extras. The new sendmail-wrapper is written entirely in PHP and does not require any external libraries. It is a complete rewrite and has pretty much nothing in common with the old Perl version.