About Me

I'm Pipo – a system engineer & full-stack developer from Zurich, Switzerland.

Owner of Onlime GmbH - providing quality webhosting with love. All into system engineering, Linux sysadmin, security, full stack web development, mountain biking, slacklining, dancing & feeling connected to nature.

This blog is about sharing my skills. It's based on Vue.js & Nuxt.js, using nuxt/content as a Git-based headless CMS, Tailwind CSS for luxurious styling. I am more into backend development (PHP / Laravel), so pls. don't blame me if something on this site is not pixel perfect.

This is constant WIP. Finally, in 2021, I found some time to start this blog which replaces my legacy Wordpress site. Publishing got so much easier (I love Markdown and clean code!) and I am looking forward to write a lot more articles in the future. If you have anything interesting to share, please let me know and feel free to contribute!

If you're interested of how this blog was created, check out the stripped-down version of it:

last update: Sep 2021