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Install Composer with Ansible, the lean way

June 7th, 2016 by Philip Iezzi 3 min read

Every PHP developer needs Composer and as a webhosting company at Onlime GmbH, sure we had to provide Composer binary to every customer, deploying it to every webserver. But how come the recommended Composer installation for Linux/Unix/macOS is so clunky, only providing the latest composer.phar through an installer?

Sure, installers are fine, but not for a sysadmin who likes to keep things simple and fully manage his infrastructure with Ansible. Installing Composer should be nothing more than deploying the latest composer.phar, period. But the author of Composer somehow forgot to provide us a download URL for the latest stable version. (Sorry Jordi Boggiano, don't want to blame you - maybe I just overlooked it and should have asked you via DM. But writing that small Ansible playbook was still faster than looking any further.)