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Process hiding in LXC using hidepid capabilities of procfs

August 6th, 2018 by Philip Iezzi 7 min read

Back in 2013, I wrote about Linux process hiding using hidepid capabilities of procfs. On shared webhosting servers at Onlime GmbH, I have used the hidepid=2 mount option for procfs (/proc filesystem) for improved security. Like this, a regular system user (which could potentially be an evil customer that has gained SSH access and tries to spy on other's processes) does only see his own processes, all other processes are hidden.

This is great and super simple to enable, as it is part of the official Linux kernel for quite a while now. But things start to get a little trickier when we try to set up hidepid procfs mount option inside an LXC container. Enabling the mount option on the host system will not do! Inside an LXC container, a regular system user is still able to see all processes. Before LXC 2.1 (released in Sept 2017), this was also quite doable, as we just had to create a new AppArmor profile on the host system to allow the LXC container to set the /proc mount options. But since LXC 2.1 it got super tricky. I will present both solutions below, in case you have struggled with this hard one in newer LXC versions.

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Proxmox VE 4.x OpenVZ to LXC Migration

September 4th, 2016 by Philip Iezzi 6 min read

At Onlime Webhosting we chose ProxmoxVE as our favorite virtualization platform and are running a bunch of OpenVZ containers for many years now, with almost zero issues. We very much welcome the small overhead and simplicity of container based virtualization and wouldn’t want to move to anything else. ProxmoxVE added ZFS support by integrating ZFSonLinux back in Feb 2015 with the great ProxmoxVE 3.4 release – which actually would have deserved to bump its major version because of this killer feature.